About us

FieldFenn Trust supports people and projects that bring about positive change in youth work and horticulture. The trust was founded in 2016 by Alan Fenn with the aim of continuing the work of Carol and Alan to extend the legacy of youth work and horticulture they established together. 

Our Aims:

  • To promote education in horticulture
  • To advance the conservation and protection of plant life for public
  • benefit with emphasis on projects involving young people
  • To promote Christian youth work
For the Trust to promote its aims and develop an effective network of supporters, the trustees, who have a wide range of expertise and experience, look to utilise these resources to promote our aims and further the work of the Trust.
How we promote our aims:
  • By awarding grants to help forward innovative schemes and
  • projects that meet the aims of the Trust
  • By awarding grants to both individuals, groups and organisations
  • striving to achieve the aims of the Trust
  • By providing horticultural and educational expertise
  • Organising promotional events
  • Existing partners promoting our involvement with existing and
  • forthcoming projects.

Horticulture is an inseparable part of our landscapes and environment. Plants are not only essential for food but also materials, decoration and even the very air that we breathe.  Biodiversity, climate change and the general health and wellbeing of the population are all positively impacted by improving the horticulture in our area. 

FieldFenn trust seeks to find and support those people that align with our vision to help shape beautiful environments for us to live.  

Research shows that horticulture has a positive impact on our health and wellbeing, from the very simplest indication that spending time in a park, garden or other green space significantly reduces stress and addresses both physical and mental anxiety.

Board of Trustees

Alan Fenn, Founder

Alan Fenn s the founder of Fieldfenn trust. 

As a teenager Alan attended a youth group where he met his late partner Carol and formed many close friendships which still exist some 50 years later.  

Carol and Alan then moved to Gants Hill where they regularly drove past St Laurence Church. It wasn’t long before they found themselves establishing and leading their first youth group there. Replicating the enjoyment and the experiences from their teens became their motivation and inspiration.

Although Alan’s Father was a keen gardener he did not inherit many of those genes, but this was Carol’s forte.

It was a mix of all these elements that led to the idea for the formation of the FieldFenn Trust 

Trevor Marlow, Chairman

Trevor is Chairman of the Board of FieldFenn Trust. He worked in the City of London for nearly 30 years. After experiencing both good times and bad Trevor decided to say good bye to the City in 2002 and hello to becoming a mature student at Writtle College, Chelmsford. 

It was there that Horticulture captured his imagination, and he started his studies. it was an experience Trevor found to be great fun and very fulfilling. He even ended up working at the College for a few years. Eventually, he was very proud to be presented with his degree by Alan Titchmarsh MBE. 

He now divides his time between paid work designing and constructing gardens for friends and voluntary projects such as the garden at The Hub for New Ingrebourne Trust. Trevor is also involved with Havering Singers, a local choral society that brings live classical and contemporary music to the borough. Recently he became a trustee of a settlement which awards grants to Free Churches to help with capital cost building schemes that seek to improve the worship, service, mission and growth of the Church and also some local charities. 

Trevor met Carol and Alan in the 1970s when they moved to Sunnymede Drive. Together with is partner Jackie his son, Graham they formed a very close relationship with ‘Auntie Carol and Uncle Alan’, one of many who knew them by that name, including Claire and Jemima who are now also trustees. 

David Mears

David has had a long history of interest in working with young people in churches. This began when he and Carol worked together at St. Paul’s East Ham, sharing Christianity with the Youth Club there. 

He continued leading youth groups in Essex, then later, Pathfinders at St. Peter’s Harold Wood. A banker by day but leading mad jaunts on the Broads or on car rallies in his free time. This led to several young people accepting Jesus into their lives.

David’s daughter when working at a local Primary persuaded David to take on the role of a school governor there. He contributed 20 years to the life of the children at that school and even enrolled Alan Fenn as a governor there and later at another school.

David has been a Trustee for Scripture Union Havering Schools workers for the last 20 years. Young Christians go in to schools and lead classes and Assemblies, work shops for the teachers. This gives them another route into Youth work or Church ministries.

David supports these young leaders, many of whom go on to further training like Daniel Armond, who is now beginning his course at Oakhill Theological college.

David is very happy to support the work of the Field Fenn trust with its recent projects.


Claire Jubb

Claire was  13 when she first walked through the doors of the youth group at St Lawrence church that was run by Carol and Alan Fenn.  She quickly became a regular member not only at the church but at their home! Over the years Carol and Alan became more like family to her so when she was asked to become a trustee of FieldFenn Trust it was her way of giving back and saying thank you for all the love and support she had received from Alan and Carol. 

She is passionate about education and young people, using her skills, experience and knowledge to bring about growth and change, in order for them to reach their potential. 

She hopes that through her involvement she is able to ‘Pay it Forward’ to those who might need a helping hand. She believes there are some people who walk through your life bringing so much that you are never able to repay their kindness and generosity.  

Jemima Felton

Jemima met ‘Aunte Carol’ and ‘Uncle Alan’ as a young girl in Hornchurch.  She always felt like she had a very close connection to Carol and Alan and she regularly remembers fond memories of their time together in the early years. 

She is passionate about giving back and sharing her experience with those that might benefit from it.  She hopes that her involvement in the trust will persist its legacy for many years to come. 

Phill Ash

Phill joined the board of trustees in 2019.  He has a passion for gardening and growing things and when he’s not juggling his daughter and other work commitments he spends his time growing food at his allotment or in his garden at home.  Even as a child Phill always wanted to spend time outdoors whenever possible and fully respects and appreciates the importance the landscape around us plays in our wellbeing and happiness. 

He met Alan through his partner Jemima and they quickly formed a close friendship.  Sharing many similar values and interests, especially in the areas of horticulture and gardening.  

He is very grateful for the opportunity to help build something that will make a difference to peoples lives.