ROC Garden Services

At ROC they believe if you transform a person’s garden you have the potential to transform their lives. This was demonstrated throughout the lockdown period when Covid 19 hit. Many found themselves restricted to their four walls and the garden became a place of sanctuary. But often this had been a space that was neglected and needed the hands of an expert to sort it out. 

Tenants in social housing can sometimes find themselves without the resources to maintain gardens as requested in their tenancy. Supported by local housing organisations they are able to offer their services, often for free to those who are unable to afford what might be considered a luxury to their purse.

At ROC there is a skilled team that works miracles not only on the gardens but the mental health and wellbeing of the customers. to spend time sorting out the garden but also developing relationships with their customers so that they feel valued and loved. 

ROC seek to employ those who have struggled to find employment, training the youth with new skills, modelling professional behaviour and developing communication skills that enable them to take their place in society. So it seemed a connection between FFT and ROC was a perfect with both objectives of the trust being met in the work that they do, gardens and youth….box ticked!! 

And so this year we have partnered with ROC by providing a grant to purchase further equipment and transport that will grow the potential of the team. But ROC are not a team to rest on their laurels (hope you are enjoying the gardening puns…) just waiting for the next amount of support from funds or charities, each year they take on a mammoth task that will encourage others to financial support them, build their network of partners, clients and employees. Marathons have been run but the latest adventure is the van pull – last year they achieved a ‘Guiness World Record’ for their van pull. But not content with that achievement they have decided to carry out another challenge for 2022..

Why not visit their facebook site to see who is involved, where they have transformed gardens and how they have impacted the local communities.